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Rising Trades Contractor Accelerator

The Rising Trades Contractor Accelerator is a curated business program designed to support diverse entrepreneurs in green construction and the high-performance buildings industry. Through customized coaching, strategic pairings with professional service providers and mentors, and practical education, we provide business counsel and connections to accelerate Black, Indigenous, and People of Color as leaders of sustainable construction.

Program Benefits

  • 8 months of curated support to help organize, network, and scale in green construction

  • 40+ hours of complementary business guidance from service professionals in critical areas such as bidding, estimating, bookkeeping, accounting, and legal counsel

  • Strategic networking with peers and experts in green construction

  • Access to a mentor network for one-on-one customized support

  • Practical education and ongoing training opportunities in the high-performance buildings industry

Get Involved



Want to learn more about how to grow your business?

Service Providers


Want to support contractors and grow your business?

To support our contractors, we are looking for diverse businesses offering legal, accounting, estimating, and other business advisory services.  If you would like to join our list of service providers, please fill out an interest form.

About the Program + Partners



Elevate seeks to create a just and equitable world in which everyone has clean and affordable heat, power, and water in their homes and communities — no matter who they are or where they live. Making the benefits and services of the clean energy economy accessible to everyone is how we fight climate change while supporting equity.


SEED Collective

SEED Collective is a consultancy that exists to inspire and support the sustainability of entrepreneurs and communities through education, research and policy, and advocacy. We work with owners and leadership teams throughout the country to help streamline business models through systems and refined operational processes, engage strategic partners and stakeholders, and reach milestones in our executive accountability program.

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Business Services Collective


Business Services Collective matches BIPOC contractors to diverse back-office service providers. Our matchmaking supported by mentoring and coaching enhances the knowledge and capacity of construction businesses enabling their growth and profitability.

Become an Evergy or Spire Contractor Ally

Rising Trades Contractor Accelerator is working with our local utilities to help contractors familiarize themselves with utility programs and capitalize on the business development opportunities of sharing these programs with building owners.  

Sign up to be a trade ally to learn more about the opportunities available. By participating as a trade partner, you can promote incentive programs that can help your clients and grow your project work.  You will be included in a contractor database that can connect you with new clients.


Evergy Trade Ally Program                Spire Contractor Program

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