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Global Collaborations

In partnership with ULI's Net Zero Imperative and the European Union's IURC program, we are reaching out to our global partners to solve the challenges of building decarbonization together.  Through numerous case studies, global site tours, and virtual discussions, we are forging relationships and replicating successes from experts across the globe.

Rising Trades Contractor Accelerator

As the bar for energy performance is raised for new and existing buildings, there is an opportunity for diverse contractors to be at he forefront and effectively capitalize on the opportunities presented by this rapidly growing industry.


Funding Energy Efficiency Investment

High-performing buildings make our communities more resilient, healthier, and lower utility burdens.  For multi-family housing in rent-burdened communities, the need for energy-efficiency is great.  BE-Ex KC is working with the City of Kansas City, Missouri and its partners to develop an Energy Efficiency Investment Fund (EEIF) to bring diverse capital to improve our local housing stock.

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