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Evergy Business Energy Savings -
Standard Incentive

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Evergy Business Energy Savings Program - Standard incentives

Program summary

This program offers a wide range of incentives designed to help Missouri business customers achieve energy savings by reducing the upfront cost of installations. Standard Incentives provide savings for energy-efficient equipment upgrades by offering rebates.


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An open opportunity to cover the cost of upgrading to energy-efficient equipment with fast rebate payment.

  • Incentive/funding details. Receive up to $10,000 from Evergy for standard energy-efficient equipment upgrades. Rebates totaling above $10,000 must be pre-approved by Evergy.

  • Contract structure. Check with Evergy for details.

  • Amount (max, min, average). Maximum incentive of $1,000,000 per customer (based on tax ID), per year, per jurisdiction, capped at $250,000 per project. See the terms for more details.

  • Pairing with other sources. Can be paired with Evergy's Custom and New Construction incentive programs.

  • When in the project process an application should be started/completed. If anticipated incentive amount totals $10,000 or less, apply for reimbursement after equipment purcahse and installation. If anticipated incentive amount will be greater than $10,000, apply before equipment purchase and installation to seek approval.

  • Level of effort required. The recipient will submit a Reimbursement Request/ application with relevant building information, contractor information, installation details and projected energy and cost savings to the Evergy for review and reimbursement.

  • Length of time to receive funding. Quick payment after installation is complete.

  • Contractor requirements. The customer must hire a licensed contractor for installation.

Additional information
  • Advantages. No pre-approval required for rebates totaling less than $10,000. Simple application process.

  • Disadvantages. Pre-approval required for projects utilizing greater than $10,000 of incentives or custom. May only be available to Missouri customers at present.

  • Ownership types or organizations are best suited for the program. Non-profit and special use; industrial; institutional; multifamily; commercial office/retail.

  • Program fit for customer. Businesses wanting to upgrade equipment and save on up-front capital costs. Businesses looking for ways to reduce their utility bill.

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Visit Evergy energy efficiency incentives website.

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