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The world we've built is ready for an energy upgrade.

We're here to help.

Cementing Exterior Wall

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Building Blocks for Advancing Your Energy Performance

BE-Ex is the largest collection of solutions that can be implemented throughout the new build or retrofit process – from design, to construction, to operation. BE-Ex is not a rating system, but we offer these building blocks - with more to come - that can enable you to achieve net-zero.

Financial Navigator​

There are numerous incentives to fund and finance your energy efficiency projects. Check out our database of tools, which provides an overview of the major programs so you can make your project a reality.

Financial Analyst

News & Insights​

Stay up to speed on all the latest news, insights and more from BE-EX KC. We'll share relevant local news, as well as information from around the country and the world as it relates to all things building efficiency and environmental policy.  

BE-Ex Radio​

BE-Ex Radio is a live podcast series by Building Energy Exchange (New York) that features industry leaders working at the intersection of buildings, energy and sustainability.  

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BE-Ex Ed​

BE-Ex Ed - a tool designed by our partners, BE-Ex NY, offers on-demand content on energy efficiency and high performance design. Earn continuing education credits while learning how to master your next building project.

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