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Evergy: Business Demand Response (BDR)

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Commercial Office, Hospital, Hotel, Industrial, Institutional

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Program name

Evergy: Business Demand Response (BDR)

Program summary

The Business Demand Response program (BDR) rewards commercial customers who reduce their electrical load during high-demand days. This is a great opportunity to use incentive payments to boost your bottom line, achieve sustainability goals and fund other projects or initiatives.

Applicable building size



Open opportunity for a commercial customer of any size to get money back for reducing their electrical load during high-demand days.

  • Incentive/funding details. Payment will be given for the load you reduce on high-demand days when you take off certain systems from using energy. Examples of reducing load include:

    • Rescheduling shifts to off-peak times

    • Temporarily shutting down equipment, production lines and perform routine maintenance

    • Reducing motor loads in elevators, compressors, conveyers, etc.

    • Dimming lights in non-critical areas

  • Contract structure. Contact Evergy for details.

  • Amount (max, min, average). Varies by season, amount of electrical load reduced. Contact Evergy for more details.

  • Simple payback. Total payment will be the load you reduced and paid at the end of curtailment (high-demand) season, after September 30.

  • When in the project process an application should be started/completed. Fill out the initial form first to schedule a facility assessment to determine your demand reduction opportunities and incentive (payment) potential.

  • Level of effort required. Initial form is only contact information. The resulting facility assessment will lead to strategies that will need to be implemented if contacted during a high-demand day.

  • Length of time to receive funding. After September 30th. Contact Evergy for more details.

  • Contractor requirements. BDR team is available for technical assistance and event success.

Additional information
  • Advantages.

No risk: Under our ‘pay for performance’ model, there are no financial penalties

Customized: Evergy offers a curtailment plan specific to your site

Support: BDR team available for technical assistance and event success

Insight: participation will offer more insight into actual electrical usage

Awareness: Your customers and employees will have more awareness into how your business is taking measures to lower impact on the local environment

Savings: Use incentives to fund other energy efficiency projects through Evergy’s Business Energy Savings Program

  • Disadvantages. Missouri customers only eligible for this program currently. No Kansas businesses.

  • Ownership types or organizations are best suited for the program. Non-profit and special use; industrial; institutional; commercial office/retail.

  • Program fit for customer. Business desiring to save money and help keep businesses cool on hot days. Business looking for creative ways to save money on their electric bill.

Take action

Visit Evergy's demand response website.

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