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Evergy Business Energy Savings - Custom Incentives

Building Sector

Commercial Office, Hospital, Hotel, Industrial, Institutional, Multifamily Affordable Housing, Multifamily Market Rate Housing

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Building Shell

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Program name

Evergy Business Energy Savings Program - Custom incentives

Applicable building size



An open opportunity to reduce the upfront cost of energy-saving investments or equipment upgrades.

  • Incentive/funding details. Proposed projects should be outlined at the time of application submission. View Evergy's website to see a detailed list of available equipment rebates.

  • Contract structure. The Open application allows organizations to craft custom projects based on their need.

  • Amount (max, min, average). Maximum incentive of $1,000,000 per customer (based on tax ID), per year, per jurisdiction, capped at $250,000 per project. See the terms for more details.

  • Pairing with other sources. Available to pair with Evergy's Standard Incentives and New Construction Incentives.

  • When in the project process an application should be started/completed. Pre-approval is required, so apply before purchasing or installing equipment in order to receive an incentive.

  • Level of effort required. Information necessary for the application includes relevant building information, contractor information, installation details and projected energy and cost savings. Detailed copies of invoices required.

  • Length of time to receive funding. After post-inspections are conducted. Within eight weeks after terms are met.

  • Contractor requirements. The customer must hire a licensed contractor for installation.

Additional information
  • Advantages. Can create custom energy-efficient solutions to fit your business needs. Recipients do not have to pay full-cost for energy efficiency upgrades.

  • Disadvantages. Pre-approval required. May only be available to Missouri customers at present.

  • Ownership types or organizations are best suited for the program. Non-profit and special use; industrial; institutional; multifamily; commercial office/retail.

  • Program fit for customer. If there is a desire to install new technology that is energy effient and saves on utility bills.

Take action

Visit Evergy energy efficiency incentives website.

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