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Energy Efficiency Investment Fund

Multi-family housing is an area of the market that often underperforms with significant energy waste, high utility bills, and poor indoor air quality and comfort. This is especially true for apartment buildings that serve low-to-moderate-income residents in Kansas City.


A key barrier for energy-efficiency improvements in multi-family housing are lending tools that cater to the needs of residential building owners and tenants.


By reducing carbon in multi-family buildings through the incorporation of energy efficiency improvements, we can improve resident health and reduce their utility burdens. This strengthens community resiliency for future generations while also providing immediate benefit to the current residents.

Learn more by clicking on the ULI report:

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Photos from the Technical Assistance Panel, March 6-8th, 2022

Technical Assistance Panel

March 2022

In partnership with ULI's Net Zero Imperative, BE-Ex KC brought public and private sector leaders together with nationally recognized energy efficiency finance experts to analyze the formation and management of an energy efficiency investment fund (EEIF).  Over the course of 2 1/2 days, the twelve panelists met with over thirty stakeholders and developed a roadmap for establishing and operating the fund.  BE-Ex KC asked the panelists to focus on the Cities of Kansas City, Missouri and Overland Park, Kansas to understand how the EEIF would work on both sides of the state line.  Their analysis recommended that the fund focus on a single jurisdiction first, the City of Kansas City, Missouri, with the opportunity to grow to a regional scale once established. They provided recommendations on the governance structure, metrics for evaluating projects, and a description of potential lending tools.  In partnership with BE-Ex KC, the City will conduct deeper analysis for establishing the EEIF as well as solicit federal dollars.

NZI Recording.PNG

Link to the recorded presentation and list of all participating panelists.

Briefing Book.PNG

Access the Briefing Book provided to panelists

Grow your expertise in energy efficiency financing by  downloading a copy of the Briefing Book!


BE-Ex KC provided an in-depth briefing book to TAP panelists which included precedent for energy efficiency investment funds and green banks as well as in-depth context for the Kansas City market.  

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